Kegging & Bottling

Bottles have a fundamental place in homebrewing. And not only because they are cheap. Bottles of all shapes and sizes are portable and convenient. If filled and capped well, bottles stay sealed and carbonated a lot longer than a quick growler fill off the tap. Some beers really benefit from bottling, especially high-gravity brews that need to be aged. You can easily stash them away and grab one now and then to sample.

But eventually, there's no greater joy in homebrewing than kegging (except for drinking of course!) Kegging eliminates the chore of bottling. It also reduces carbonation time. Washing, filling, and capping dozens of bottles makes for a very long day. You will reach a point where it is time to put your beers in a keg.


Click HERE for our Priming Sugar Calculator for help determining the right amount of priming sugar to add to your batch of beer.