Sommelier Select Wine Recipe Kits from Master Vintner

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Sunlight. Soil. Rainfall. Terroir. They make--or break--the character of grapes.

But winemaking goes beyond mere serendipity of location, or climate. Great wine is about decisions. Decisions made in the vineyard--varietal choices, yield restriction, water stress, the precise moment of harvest. It's also about decisions made in the winery--crush or clusters, free run and press, skin contact, blending for balance and character.

Sommelier Select™ isn't another wine kit. It's a curated expression of all the decisions that make great wine, wine with intense character, razor-sharp varietal expression, rich flavor, immense length--everything a wine can be, in your hands. Sommelier Select™ is chosen by artisans in the vineyard, crafted by enologists in the winery, and curated by obsessives who love wine. And it shows in every glass.

When you make Sommelier Select™ you take the serendipity of sun and soil, and make it your own. Clear instructions, straightforward steps ​ from​ the world's leading expert on home winemaking are right at your fingertips.

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