The Northern Brewer Philosophy

Northern Brewer is a homebrewing company. If you’re reading this, you probably already know (or at least suspect) that homebrewing is a fun, engaging hobby and/or way of life. Just as many thousands of others do, Northern Brewer employees repeat the mantra “Relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew” while practicing the hobby of homebrewing; but at work we strive for a totally different approach to the business of homebrewing: don’t relax, don’t settle, continue to improve.

Our employees and managers come to work every day with a commitment to be the best in the industry, period. Someday we want homebrewing to be as common a household craft in America as vegetable gardening, and we know that our hobby/craft/shared passion/obsession won’t get there through complacency.

Welcome To Northern Brewer Canada

Hello Canada! We're so excited to have launched our new site to help supply Canadians with our wonderful homebrewing products. We know that Canadians are passionate about their beer, and we can't wait to get involved with the local community of beer lovers and homebrewers. This site currently represents just a small fraction of our entire product catalogue, but fear not!!! We'll be expanding our product list quickly over the next year.

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