The Bubbler - 5 Gallon PET Plastic Carboy Fermentor

The Bubbler - 5 Gallon PET Plastic Carboy Fermentor

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We've gone to the drawing board to focus on the important dimensions that help deliver a more consistent and high-quality product. This is no plastic water jug, it's a carboy with details where they count. The plastic is thick and durable, to ensure rigidity and safety during all kinds of brewing operations. Free of plasticizers, BPA, DEHP, and any other extraneous compounds, this fermentor is purpose-built for your finest brews. Hydrophobic, which means it is easy to clean without the use of brushes - it also retains no odor, flavor or color from batch to batch, so it will last a long time. Seals with a Medium Universal PET bung. 

Note: Standard carboy brushes will scratch plastic fermenters leaving places for grime to hide. A warm cleaning solution will suffice. Do not use hot water on plastic fermenters of any sort. To remove stubborn debris, drop a clean wash cloth into the Bubbler with some cleaning solution and shake.

Add a Three-Piece or Bubbler Airlock to complete your fermentation package.